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Why choose DIY Debt Relief?

There are countless reasons why our video series and financial tools will save you money and will help reduce the time it takes to payoff your debts.


$59.99 + Cost of a Tri-Merge Credit Report vs. thousands in fees to hire a company.


Pertinent information, tools and resources organized for ease of use.


No excessive fees and easy to use. Spend less and get out of debt faster.
Empower Yourself

Empower Yourself

Implementing a “do it yourself” debt relief plan can save you thousands of dollars and get you out of debt faster. Our content provides an easy to follow process to help you:

  • Fix or eliminate errors on your credit report
  • Renegotiate the terms of your debt for repayment
  • Negotiate and settle balances for payoff
  • Rebuild your credit and improve your FICO scores
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  • ✔ Review your credit report
  • ✔ Outline your rights as granted by Federal consumer protection laws
  • ✔ Remove errors and fix inaccurate accounts on your credit report
  • ✔ Negotiate balances for settlement or renegotiate terms for repayment
  • ✔ And how to Rebuild your credit and improve your FICO scores

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